Packing is easy with My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack

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Packing is easy with My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack

Let's face it cruising is so much fun but packing for the cruise can get grueling. Since I have been working on developing a new wave in packing I am finding it much easier to pack and feeling much more organized. When I packed My Cruiser Junior which is the 24 inch size for our seven day cruise I could not believe I had enough room for everything I needed for this trip. Usually for the seven day cruises I pack a larger suitcase. Packing felt much less stressful. During the cruise I hung my toiletry/laundry bag in the bathroom which is quite small. It was good to have it there since it was easier to put the clothes that needed washed in the laundry bag after showering. And then packing to come home was pretty simple also since there is a place for everything in the suitcase! So easy and fun. This time I had felt like I had extra time since it didn't take so long to pack up for home and went a lot smoother. I love My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack!

For my next trip I plan on using the the 20" Weekender for a full weeks stay! 

Stay tuned!

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