About Us:

Packing made easy!

Hi, I'm Renee and I am here to help YOU solve 
some of the problems of packing! Let's face it packing can be a grueling experience and that is not the way it should be. Packing should be fun period!

Our story:

It was during a stay in a hotel room the day before our cruise when I became frustrated with todays luggage. When I opened my suitcase my shoes came rolling out along with a few other items since I had packed a good bit of a variety of clothing that we all know we need for our cruise! At that moment I decided that there had to be a better way. I told myself that as soon as I get home I am designing my own organizer luggage! Because I was very frustrated with todays product line!

It has been ten years now. I am excited to say that my luggage is ready to service your packing needs! Our luggage line is called My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack.

 It is truly easy to pack! I have experienced this by taking it on a cruise. During packing, I had no question about where to put my shoes, my toiletries that may leak and of course laundry that I surely do not want to deal with until our cruise or vacation is over. This removable hanging bag feature is great to hang up in the bathroom or inside the closet area. No need to keep getting in and out of your suitcase. Plus NO PACKING CUBES NEEDED with My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack Although we have developed this product with cruising in mind My Cruiser™ - EZ Pack is great for all travelers!


Let’s get cruisin’ with MY CRUISER™ - EZ PACK today!
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